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Our Policy

To be one of the consistent and constantly developing companies in the sector,
To meet customer requests in full and on time,
To comply with all laws and regulations related to the sector,
To increase the market share and competitiveness of our company by keeping our quality and service at the top without compromising our quality,
To maintain and improve continuous customer satisfaction by working customer-oriented and to be preferred by our customers,
To ensure that the quality management system and continuous improvement approach is adopted by all employees.

For this purpose;
To ensure the implementation of Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System standards,

To adopt the Total Quality System, to carry out its activities in this direction and to carry out all its activities within the framework of this system,

To ensure the sustainability of production efficiency in today's conditions by making continuous improvements,

To establish electricity generation plants in order to utilize the energy resources of our country in the most efficient and effective way,

To provide maximum benefit to the economy by operating electricity generation plants with high efficiency,

To minimize all risks that may harm the environment, work environment, personnel and stakeholders; to adopt as a duty without disrupting the integrity of the environment, occupational health and safety, Comply with all legal regulations in the meantime,

To save energy by protecting natural resources and reducing air, water and soil pollution,

Raising environmental, occupational health and safety awareness among employees through training, information and continuous communication,

It is aimed to ensure the implementation of the Integrated Management System by developing methods to ensure its continuous development.